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Constantly Creating

February has been a month of relaxation and I do not feel very productive with my Breasy Things, hopefully I can find the motivation I need to make March a better month with many more products to share...

I don't think anyone can blame me, it's the middle of winter and I really enjoy a blanket, my couch, and sitting in front of the fireplace. I have not read a good book in a very long time. Earlier this month I was at the library at the request of my daughter who wanted to join the book club. When I am around books the desire to read is calling. I ran into a friend and she suggested a series of books by Elin Hildebrand. I was hooked and 2 weeks of my life flew by because all I wanted to do was finish them! Turns out, you don't get a lot done if you are consumed by a story, it was worth it though! Just the reset that I needed.

Spending time with our fantastic four is also a distraction, but hey- we have memories to make! We received the Family Adventure Challenge for Christmas and accomplished our first one. It consisted of picking extended family members to send a message to, sharing a memory and letting them know what you appreciate about them. Each of us had to pick someone so we drew names out of a hat. One of the messages had to be a video of a family dance that we did- here is what we came up with:

Finally, I need everyone to know that I am ALWAYS creating things! I am currently involved in a project for the Jeep club that my husband and I are involved with, and helping my Aunt with an invite for my cousin's Bridal Shower. My little one, Ellie, had her 100th day of school so I used that as an opportunity to test the applique method out on the new sewing/embroidery machine. It turned out great! I love it, and am more than willing to use my skills to help people.

Winterfest 2023 is the first weekend in March. This will be our 11th year going to the event. We get away without the kids and hit the trails in our Jeep Wrangler. We have made some great friends and have quite the collection of t-shirts from the event. I have been creating the design for them for the last 6 years. This is not the final graphic, but one of the proofs I sent during the process.

The Bridal Shower is travel themed. Here is the background for the invite that I did with Photoshop. I added all of the text details with Illustrator and exported it as a JPG that they can send out to have printed just about anywhere that does invitations.

When I went to embroider the 100 on this shirt, my machine ate it! I did not have enough backing to support the stitch and ended up with a hole right in the front of the shirt. I found a pink tee that was in my donation bin, cut it into a small square, and laid it over the shirt with a little extra backing. Ta-da! It covered the hole right up. I trimmed the fabric around the number with small scissors and there we have it, my first applique! I did the same technique with the little black bird, it is a piece of felt with the outline stitched over it. After the lettering and bird were complete, Ellie helped me count out 100 feathers and then I glued each one on. How cute is she? ♥

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