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2023 is here. We must begin again.

The holiday's came and went so fast! I had big ideas for my blank items- wood ornaments and keychains- and hoped to offer a nice variety but the process that I started to use was unsuccessful. I will not sell defective products! So, I stuck with offering the items that I was happy with. The personalized keychains turned out so cute. My kids love theirs and so did all of the customers that submitted orders, I appreciate you!

Moving right along into my next product, I am happy to get into the realm of apparel! It is what I do for a living, after all. The skill is real! Once again, I had an idea for how I would produce my products with a hand stitch method- that was hard! I took way too long to try and get somewhere with transferring my image and trying to line it up in a wooden hoop and hand stitching the graphic but what a struggle! After some careful budgeting, I decided I could afford a small machine. My sewing machine was in need of updating after it got jammed and stopped being reliable during the towel apron process. I found the Brother SE600 to have great reviews and it was affordable. It arrived earlier this week and I can not stop using it! The stitches that it sews are so tight. So even! I am in love. The embroidery is even better. I am digitizing my own designs on Ink Scape's extension, Ink/Stitch. It is a little challenging but I love to learn new things. This process has been quite satisfying. Watch for the launch of the new products this week. As always, thank you for your interest and support!

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