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Theatre, Thanksgiving, and Here Comes Santa Clause!!

Wow, December is here! We have been very busy around here. My daughter was in a play and I can't help myself, I volunteer to help with all of it. I want to be by her side as much as possible. To guide her and assist with everything that goes into the production. There is so much to it that the audience just doesn't know about. Some of them do if they are family of a cast member, but if they just come to watch, I wonder if they know what it takes 8 weeks of commitment from kids and parents. I really enjoy theatre, and this is a discovery that I just made at the age of 36! I am a little sad for how much I may have missed out on since I didn't get involved at a young age. I hope Kara sticks with this, I will be her biggest helper with making the little dreams come true 💖

Although I have not made much of a move on selling my products or graphics, I am hopeful for what is to come! Family comes first. That is my number one priority. Number two priority is my real job that I go to every day. Throw in Holidays and when am I supposed to focus on Breasy Things!? After family dinner, and after Christmas magic is made in my space.

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