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My 1st Collection

Wow, what a month! I did not anticipate it taking so long to complete my pumpkin product launch. I have a lot of things pulling me in many directions but I have to follow through on this. Each new product will teach me how to better manage my time. I go into these things kind of blind. It starts with some kind of inspiration as I showed in my video. Then I run with it! I had so much fun trying to get the perfect paint mixed for the terra cotta color. For the half-painted ones, I just fell in love with how neat it looked being painted only half way. I hope people like these and get a kick out of the unique product that I am offering. Each one is it's own masterpiece with it's own name! They can be used as a Halloween or Thanksgiving decoration! I appreciate all of the support I have already received from friends and acquaintances. Much love, folks!

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